Vacuum Blasting Machine (バキュームタイプ)




without a Blasting Room


■ The Mechanism and Features of a Vacuum Blaster

Our mobile vacuum blaster (FDO,SGO) promptly recovers blasted abrasive with vacuum that
surround the nozzle. The abrasive or dust will never flies out in the air even if the working area
is exposed.

■ Advantages of a vacuum blaster
1. It can provide blast processing to the object as is exposed.
2. The machine does not scatter dust or abrasive. It is safe and pollution-free. No protective equipment is needed.
3. It’s economical because all abrasive is recovered, circulated and reused.
4. It provides high-power grinding and cleaning effect by sandblasting, and develops highly cleaned surfaces.
5. It provides high grinding and cleaning ability that cannot be achieved by a sander or a wire brush.
6. This is a manual type machine, but the operation procedure is simple and needs no special proficiency.
7. Utilizing its four wheels, this machine can be transferred to any necessary place, even to outdoors.


■ Process performance
When removing scales of a steel plate with a φ7-millimeter nozzle, it takes a minute to
clean 2-meter length and 45-millimeter width, however, it depends on the condition
of the surface. On the condition that abrasive is alundum #46, and the blasting
pressure is 0.5 MPa; it can process 1m2 for 10 minutes for the maximum of its ability.


■ Intended purposes

1. Cleaning for welding :To clean the limited area of the surface intended to be welded, removing rusts or scales.
2. After treatment for welding: It makes it easy to prepare for a welding inspection by blasting a welded surface
whose slags are already removed.
3. Paint preparation: It makes a suitable surface and increases the durability of coating by processing the specified
area before painting.
4. Removing temper color: It removes the temper color that is produced during welding (SUS welding, for
example), and provides decorative finishes.
5. Molds cleaning: On-site cleaning for irremovable molds, for example, die-cast molds. (SGO type)
6. Cleaning for bonding: Good for cleaning for a large FRP product (a prefabricated bathtub, a boat, car parts, etc.),
to prepare a suitable surface for bonding.



■ Specifications





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