Dry Ice Blasting Machine (ドライアイスブラスト)




The principle of dry ice cleaning

1. Dry ice particles are carried by compressed air to hit stains, such as residue of material, attaching on the
workpiece to be cleaned.

2. When the dry-ice particle hits the workpiece to be cleaned, there happens a lot of micro cracks on the surface
boundary of the stain due to heat shrinkage.
Gaps are generated between stain and the workpiece and the stain becomes easy to peel off.

3. Removal of stain is done by expansion energy generated when it sublimates and expands its volume by 750 times.

4. Completion of cleaning. Dry-ice particles are all sublimated without any concerns of residues. 


Intended purposes of dry ice blasting

1. Precision cleaning of medical container, molds, or others.

2. Particle removal before vapor deposition or painting of plastic parts.
3. Removal of fume solids from furnace walls. For drying or baking furnace, or others.
4. Removal of flux residues from reflow soldering devices.
5. Precision cleaning of various semiconductor components, for example, removal of gas residues of electrostatic
6. Removal of contamination from various molds (plastic, rubber, foaming, blow, low-pressure casting, die casting,
tires and other molds).
Cleaning is extremely effective on installed molds because of its high temperature.
7. Deburring for precision rubber products.
8. Removal of solder spatter or flux from PCB.
9. Cleaning of all types of parts: Removal of ink, adhesive agent, grease, carbon, or others.
10. Cleaning of food conveyor, baking line conveyor, containers, or others to avoid emergence of bacteria.
11. Removal of organic matter from the glass surfaces for semiconductor industries.
12. Precision cleaning of meshes or metal masks for screen printing.
13. Removal of dirt from a control box. Removal of rust from a mold.
14. Cleaning of all types of parts whose process residues should be completely removed or that should avoid any

★ All the processing systems noted above can be designed and manufactured as automated systems.


Examples of cleaning




Dry ice blasting machine


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